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Introduction to Yinghua Foreign Language Primary School



Yinghua Foreign Language Primary School is located in the core area of Phoenix New Town. It is a full-time school with modern facilities, international teaching features, and innovative education concepts. Based on high-quality subject literacy courses, Yinghua Primary School is imbued with English and other multicultural and colorful community research and learning activities, and cooperates with modern information technology and teaching strategies to achieve whole-person education.



 Ten Advantages of Yinghua Foreign Language Primary School


Establish morality and cultivate people and habits


Yinghua strengthens the formation of students' habits, establishes the formation of socialist core values, and cultivates people with positive energy and self-management ability through evalsuation system, group cooperation and other activities. (Ideal, capable and responsible)



Enrichment of courses and improvement of literacy





NS——代表Specialized  Course,四大类(艺术类、科技类、运动类、文化类),40余种社团,让学生在社团活动中获得“技能”之外的素养和气质。

5H+NS course system

5H represents the five core compulsory courses of Yinghua Primary School, including Chinese, math, English, physical education, and Daofa habit cultivation.

Chinese - strengthen the concept of big Chinese, and promote diary appreciation, classic reading, appreciation of traditional Chinese culture, and reading of the whole book.

Mathematics - to construct mathematical logic, and to carry out thinking training of intellectual instruments.

NS - stands for Specialized Course, four major categories (art, science and technology, sports and culture), and more than 40 kinds of associations, which enable students to acquire quality and temperament beyond "skills" in association activities.


English learning and international understanding


In the context of the new education curriculum, our English education not only follows the principle of double-line entrance examination and international English level test for junior and senior high schools in China, but also aims at students' future-oriented English literacy, broadens international vision, cultivates national sentiment, and adapts to the concept of lifelong development of the future society. Emphasize English skills learning and international cultural understanding, master 2500 vocabulary, 1700 sentences of everyday language, 120 topics, 90 volumes of English picture books, and read more than 30000 words in six years.


Efficient class, homework not out of school


Yinghua implements accurate lesson preparation and efficient classroom, and truly realizes "no problem out of class, no homework out of school".


Integration of disciplines and integration of research and tourism



To break discipline boundaries, implement core literacy, and target the improvement of students' abilities, Yinghua will integrate the courses of various disciplines, and realize the combination of learning and thinking, knowledge and action through research travel.


Open school, experts in school


Adhere to learning and cooperation with Beijing, Shanghai and other famous schools, and continue to explore. It also introduced educational expert resources into Yinghua classroom, and invited Professor Zhang Xuepeng, a famous Chinese calligraphy educator, and Guo Wende, a famous Chinese chorus conductor, composer, music educator, and his team to give lectures and guidance.


Palace school cooperation, special training


Effectively gather the strength of "schools and palaces". Yinghua cooperates with the Municipal Youth Palace to offer community courses such as "table tennis, basketball, martial arts, sanda, dance", and collectively organize students to attend classes at the Youth Palace every Thursday, forming an overall synergy of education inside and outside the school, realizing complementary advantages, integrating education, and helping students to develop their quality in an all-round way.


Discipline activities and quality improvement


Based on the new curriculum, create new classes and explore new activities. The colorful discipline "carnival" activities skillfully integrate textbook knowledge and game practice, stimulate students' interest in learning and improve students' core literacy.



Multi-evalsuation and self-improvement


Yinghua respects individual differences and selects a scientific evalsuation system to allow students to recognize their self-worth in independent management, group cooperation and multiple evalsuation, so as to achieve self-improvement and team achievement.



Fine service, target assessment


"Three meals and two points+nap", central air conditioning, video camera, fresh air system and other service facilities. Yinghua implements KPI target assessment management, which requires teachers not only to have excellent professional skills, but also to have  executive power and sense of responsibility for education, and be responsible for the results.

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