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招生说明/Admissions Instructions


"YHFLS welcomes all students who support families that recognize the mission, philosophy and goals of the school. Within the scope of school space and resources, the school accepts students of all nationalities."


Corresponding to the vision and mission of YHFLS, the school admissions policy reflects the eclectic nature of our school. We accept students of all nationalities, and based on student gender, academic performance, hobbies, English proficiency, and the composition of the existing class to ensure the realization of balanced enrollment. There are many factors in admitting students, including application, admission test, recommendation letter and interview situation. If the student is deemed unsuitable for studying and living in our school, we reserve the right to refuse admission.

英华外国语小学兼收外籍与中国籍学生。 对于中国家庭,·J9九游会·建议您在提交申请,预约面试之前,来校参观,参加一次信息说明会,并努力了解学校的教学计划,理解学校的使命宣言。

Yinghua Foreign Language Primary School accepts both foreign and Chinese students. For Chinese families, we recommend that you visit the school before submitting an application and making an appointment for an interview, attend an information briefing, and work hard to understand the school's teaching plan and the school's mission statement.


Starting from October 1, 2020, we will start accepting applications for the 2021-22 school year. Once all the materials are complete, we will arrange an interview as soon as possible. Each student is only given one interview opportunity. We solemnly inform parents: If your child is under six, please make an appointment for an interview after the Spring Festival next year. Because children of this age develop rapidly physically and mentally, we hope that he/she will be in the best condition during the interview. Senior students can start interviews on November 1, 2020. We will announce the admission results for the 2021-22 school year from March 15, 2021. If your child's enrollment is related to the dispatch of work plans to Beijing, we will make an exception and announce the results of enrollment earlier. After March 15, 2021, we will continue to enroll students until each grade is full.

谨请注意,如入学学生原先学校教学进度与我校不同时,他/她将被安排到现在或已结业的年级段。·J9九游会·会把学生安排到适龄,并适合个人发展的年级。在这里,·J9九游会·很少会让孩子跳半级。 除非学部校长同意,·J9九游会·会重审学生个人材料,学习成绩与个人面试结果,酌情做出处理。

Please note that if the enrolled student's teaching progress in the original school is different from that of our school, he/she will be assigned to the current or completed grade. We will arrange students to the appropriate age and grade suitable for personal development. Here, we rarely let children skip half a level. Unless the head of the school agrees, we will review the student's personal materials, academic records and personal interview results, and deal with them as appropriate.

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