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学校概况/School Profile


The school is located in the core area of Fenghuang New Town in the north of Tangshan Road, covering an area of 16650 square meters. The teaching building, dormitory building, canteen, playground and other functions are complete, and equipped with modern teaching equipment to implement multimedia teaching, provide highly standardized student apartments, and implement 24-hour comprehensive campus monitoring.



Yinghua Foreign Language Primary School is based on the independent development of students, focuses on the individual differences of students, takes root in the internal needs of students, and pursues the harmonious development of students. Based on high-quality subject literacy courses, it is embedded with English and other multicultural and colorful community research activities, and combines modern information technology and teaching strategies to achieve whole-person education.



As a group school of Tangshan No. 1 Middle School, Yinghua Senior High School adheres to the school motto of "cultivating the elite with clear ambition, cultivating the virtue and embodying the youth" and the school purpose of "teaching without discrimination, teaching according to aptitude, multiple talents, and multiple channels". It gives full play to the advantages of the main school of No. 1 Middle School, continues to deepen the curriculum reform, promote the connotation development of the school, implement the tutorial system, implement strict love management, and strive to run a high school with "people's satisfaction and social recognition".

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